Song Samples & Testimonials

Title: Adam Loves Ally

Genre: Rock, Pop
Voice: Male
Emotions: Happy, Serious, Soulful, Cheerful, Harmonious, Romantic
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Cello, Shakers, Acoustic Guitar

Thank you! The song was a huge success! My daughter and new son-in-law were just thrilled. My daughters response was quote, "this is the best wedding gift I could have ever received. This will be with me forever Dad."...more...

Title: In Love with My Best Friend

Genre: Acoustic Rock, Country
Voice: Female
Emotions: Soft, Serious, Peaceful, Harmonious, Romantic
Instrument(s): Acoustic Guitar, Piano

I LOVE it!! I especially loves what you did with the last chorus - I think it's beautiful!! It's perfect thank you!...more...

Title: You're Still Here

Genre: Pop
Voice: Male
Emotions: Upbeat, Melodic, Light, Romantic
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Strings, Synth

(10 Day sample) Just got to the train station out my headphones on and listened. It is awesome! I've now listened a few times. I think it's great. I don't want to mess with it. It's catchy for sure. ...more...

Title: You Were There

Genre: Rock, Modern Country
Voice: Male
Emotions: Cheerful, Harmonious, Melodic, Serious, Classy
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Strings, Acoustic Guitar

Title: Stacy

Genre: Soft Rock
Voice: Male
Emotions: Upbeat, Classy, Gentle, Romantic
Instrument(s): Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Rhodes Piano, Strings

(10 day sample) I freakin’ love it! Great job! Can't wait to hear the whole thing What is the anticipated delivery date?...more...

Title: Stay

Genre: Soft Rock, Pop
Voice: Female
Emotions: Soft, Sultry, Acoustic, Soulful, Melodic, Romantic
Instrument(s): Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine, Guiro, Shakers, Synth

The production sounds so professional, and like I said before, I just love the vocalist, she has an amazing voice (I sure wish I could sing like that lol!) Thanks again for such a polished product, and delivered right on schedule at that. Much appreciated and hope to work with you again in the future! Cheers...more...

Title: Worth The Drive

Genre: Modern Country
Voice: Male Voice
Emotions: Happy, Upbeat, Rocking, Romantic, Heavy
Instrument(s): Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Piano, Electric Guitar, Bass, Hammond Organ

“The song is amazing. You all did a superb job."...more...

Title: Leads Us to Love

Genre: Acoustic Rock, Pop
Voice: Female
Emotions: Soft, Romantic, Light, Cheerful, Bright, Happy, Serious
Instrument(s): Acoustic Guitar, Shakers

(10 day preview) I found Songmaker online, and started looking over their site. I found their advice on writing the song myself! I followed their advice step by works! Before I knew it I had written the message I wanted to convey! I sent my words to them. David contacted me and explained the rest of the process to me and before I knew it, I had an amazing song to give my boyfriend! ...more...