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You Were There

Genre: Rock, Modern Country
Voice: Male
Emotions: Cheerful, Harmonious, Melodic, Serious, Classy
Instruments: Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Strings, Acoustic Guitar

The Song's Story

This is an interesting story.  Some years ago we did a song for a client to his girlfriend, soon to be his wife.  He wanted it to play at their wedding.  Long story short, it happened, and they hired a DJ named Randy Bartlett to be the MC of their reception.  We received such a great testimonial from this client (see the sample for the song "Worth the Drive" in this list) that we decided to reach out to Mr. Bartlett, to get his thoughts on how the song went over.  He remembers it being a hit!  And actually ended up playing the song again per request of the guests!  Once when it was intended and planned, then again at the end.  Because something unexpected happened.  Once Randy introduced the song - saying "the groom wrote this song for his bride" - the audience looked amazed.  Then, as it played they started singing along with the chorus of the song!  When he played it at the end he remembers everyone clasped arms with each other, dancing and singing along to it again!  The client and Randy both said it was a great time and made a huge impact on the wedding.

So fast forward some years later when we spoke to Randy Bartlett -  we offered him to try the service.  He agreed and wrote the words to this beautiful Step Father/Daughter song.  It came out really great.  Now he has a song to play for those types of occasions.  You can tell by his feedback that YourDayYourSong can have a huge impact on an event because the words... their words, are important and emotional.  We make the music fit with their words in any style they choose!


Here's an incredible concept to take us to a new level. A while back, one of my clients used this company called and through him, I connected and came up with this. There isn't a great song for stepfather daughter dance.

With YourDayYourSong, you can simply give them lyrics and they will help you with any level of service, including song lyric coaching and turn it into a professionally recorded song. This does not require you to be a great songwriter or musician. Imagine this for a first dance from the groom to the bride or from a dad to his daughter, son to his mom, the couple to their guests, etc.

I gave some lyrics to my brother-in-law, who, owns a guitar, but isn't exactly Jack Johnson. From there, we sent it to YourDayYourSong and they did the rest.  Now I have a song to add to my collection for that man who "stepped in" and raised the bride as his own.

I can see this being used to totally blow people away. Their musicians and vocalists are amazing professionals and you can pick the style you want.

I can't say enough good things about them. They took my lyrics, helped me tweak them to make them better, then produced the melody and the finished song, with an awesome singer and great production. We will certainly use this song at upcoming weddings.

Imagine being able to have your clients make their own songs with this caliber of production. A first dance, mother-son, anniversary, even a farewell dance. There's no limit - YourDayYourSong gives anyone the ability to create professional music for special occasions. The full length song came in at a perfect 2:35

Check it out.

-- Randy Bartlett


Back when I was just a girl
You came in and changed my world
Off to work everyday
All for us, that’s your way
I don’t know where the years went
But I love the time that we spent
All the love that you shared
You gave your heart, and you were there
What a job that you had
To step in as a dad
Paid the price, to melt the ice
Took the risk, rolled the dice
Gave us love, rose above
All the strife in our life

Every day every way
From my worst to my best
Through the ups and the downs
From the smiles and the frowns
All that love you had to share
I always loved that were there 

What a job that you had
To step in as a dad
Paid the price, to melt the ice
Took the risk, rolled the dice
Gave us love, rose above
All the strife in our life
Gave us love, rose above
All the strife in our life