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You’ve come to the right place to learn more about this ADJA member exclusive offer and get signed up today! There is no cost or obligation, just the opportunity to make your client’s day even more special and get paid for doing it.

“This bold new benefit is one of the biggest advances we have ever offered…[and] represents one of the most dramatic new offerings to our members. This single benefit could lead you to dramatic increases in customer satisfaction & increase the uniqueness of their events. Used only a few times a year this would easily pay for your ADJA membership. This is going to be a big as an Epic shift to event customization as “McGuiring” was in the late 90’s. Get signed up today.”

Dr. Drax
ADJA National President & Executive Director


We know a custom song offer will help you close more business and help your clients take their special day to an entirely new, exciting and incredible level as only music can. Below you will find all the information you need to get started.

1. What We Want You to Know
Imagine being the one that gave your client the idea that created this amazing response:

"“This is the best wedding gift I could’ve ever received. It’ll be with me forever Dad.”
"Thank you!"

John C.
British Columbia, Canada

Well, you can and here are a couple other things we will want you to know as well:

  • You Get Paid -- You’ll get paid $45 to $70 for each song your client(s) buys, whether they buy one or multiple, as long as they use your personal code. We’ll pay you within 30 days of their order.

  • Custom Songs Are Easy -- Your clients create custom songs from THEIR words and musical direction! It’s easy with our proven process, using high quality human composers. All you have to do is point your client to our site with your personal code and we’ll take it from there.

  • Customer Focus -- Your client will be treated like a star (dare we say Rock Star) and we will help them create their one-of-a-kind song and experience.

  • Awesome Experiences Differentiate You -- The reaction, emotion and experience your client realizes will all be because of you and the buzz you help them create will help you get referrals and earn more money.

  • Social Media Impact – If you are actively promoting your business on social media testimonials like the one above will highlight the value you bring to each client and event. If your client shares via their social media, the impact increases.

  • No Cost Or Obligation To You – There are no commitments to selling songs or costs to join the program. It is free for ADJA members and you get paid when your client purchases a custom song.

2. What We Need From You:
Think this is awesome!?! Here’s how to get started:

  • Enter Your Contact Information Below -- You only need to do this once and we will register you to the program.

  • Your ADJA Membership # -- Your ADJA number is critical because your client will need to enter it when placing their order to get the deals we have created for you and to make sure we can pay you. If you are not a member of ADJA, please join at to be eligible for this program.

"Imagine being able to have your clients make their own songs with this caliber of production. A first dance, mother-son, anniversary, even a farewell dance. There's no limit - Your Day Your Song gives anyone the ability to create professional music for special occasions."

Randy Bartlett, DJ and CEO of The 1% Solution

4. Still Have Questions?
If you have any remaining questions, please email us at or call us at 888-484-3512 and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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